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"Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework ".AngularJS is perfect for Single Page Applications (SPAs).

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About AngularJS

What is Angular JS? And why would one learn it ?

Angular JavaScript is the future of front end development in any application. If you have not learned AngularJS and wanted to learn then CodeKul will be your first priority. CodeKul is a training institute which provides training on AngularJS in Pune. If you decided to learn AngularJS then enroll your name at CodeKul for AngularJS certification.

AngularJS is a JavaScript MVC framework; it is an open source web application framework, created by Google. Angular JS is used to create single page applications- with the help of one HTML page, CSS and JavaScript on the client side. It simplifies both development and testing of web applications by using client side MVC (Model View Controller).

Evolution of Web technologies in last decade is remarkable. AngularJS is one of the most popular and widely used JavaScript framework. It is used to develop Single Page Applications (SAPs). Single Page Applications are the future and it will definitely leads you toward the bright future, so don’t worry about future scope and go for training in it, however learning has no downside. AngularJS is already being used by lot of companies and will be used in future too. Evolution of Web technologies in last decade is remarkable. AngularJS is one of the most popular and widely used JavaScript framework. It is used to develop Single Page Applications (SAPs). Single Page Applications are the future and it will definitely leads you toward the bright future, so don’t worry about future scope and go for training in it, however learning has no downside. AngularJS is already being used by lot of companies and will be used in future too.

What should one know to start learning AngularJS ?

AngularJS is very easy framework one with basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript can learn AngularJS provided fact that he/she will get proper guidance from experienced teacher.

Adopt AngularJS to Master Web Application Development

AngularJS is an open source JavaScript structure to compose and assist web applications and single page applications. AngularJS is made by Google to develop single page applications which could be more architecture and viable. AngularJS is totally client side and completely JavaScript, so wherever JavaScript runs AngularJS likewise runs. It is even under 29kb making it profoundly minified and compacted. Angular is the cutting edge framework, in which each device is designed such that it works with each other tool in an interconnected way.

Astounding Features of AngularJS you will learn from AngularJS training institute in Pune

AngularJS has some components for that can greatly assist software development students and corporate software developer. Below are features of AngularJS that one will be versed with if you enroll in an AngularJS training institute in Pune.

Two-Way Data Binding

It is the most vital and helpful element of Angular. This component is the things that all advanced web applications are about i.e. Real Time. Two-way binding for all time binds the perspective to the model and diminishes invigorate cycles, it additionally spares a lot of code as beforehand 80% of the code was devoted to controlling, crossing and listening to DOM . With data binding, this code vanishes and thus more focus can be laid to an application. Ordinarily with the change in a model the DOM components and credits should be physically controlled to mirror the progressions, it ends up being a mind boggling handle chiefly when application develops in multifaceted nature and in size. Yet, with two-way data binding the synchronization between the DOM and the model is well dealt with.

HTML Template

AngularJS doesn't depend on any rendering motor yet utilizes program parseable .html files for its partials. The HTML formats are parsed by the program in the DOM. The DOM is presently the information to the AngularJS compiler. Angular then crosses the DOM format for rendering called the Directives. The info here is browser DOM and not the HTML string; this is the recognizable change in the middle of precise and all kindred systems.


Directives are standalone reusable components isolated from the application. All DOM controls are performed by Directives. Orders are utilized to make custom HTML labels to serve as new custom gadgets. With Directives, you can make another HTML tag or property and make it do anything you need. Directives are exceptionally special, helpful, effective and reusable element accessible just in precise. With Directives, you can design new HTML linguistic structure that is specific to your application.

Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection is a precise component that empowers developers to effectively assemble, create, test and oversee applications. With this component you only request for the conditions as opposed to making physically, it will give you an example to any administration asked provided you include the administration as a parameter to access this administration.


AngularJS is planned by remembering testability such that angular applications can be tried effectively as any JavaScript code accompanies a solid arrangement of tests. Precise accompanies an end to end test runner setup.


It is the idea of switching views to enhance client-side security. An exceptionally fascinating perspective about AngularJS is that service data is held on all through the client session. This client-side security helps in keeping away from additional round trips to the server after making client session object at a client. In any case, if somebody traps the program, then server side security should be able to dismiss unapproved access.


Learning these central elements and standards from AngularJS training institute in Pune will give you a chance to make an execution driven, viable , extensible and proficient front-end codebase . AngularJS gives a rich ordeal to the end client; it is a powerful and all around kept up JavaScript structure suitable for any expert web development.

What is scope of career growth in Angularjs after Training ?

After completion of certification from CodeKul (A Training Institute in Pune) one will have knowledge on most useful concept of AngularJS like Controllers and Markup, Creating and Using Services, Routing, Creating Custom Directives, Testing Angular JS, etc. These will help any candidate to survive in IT Industry.

CodeKul being a wonderful AngularJS training institute in Pune concentrate on classroom training where students being taught Angular JS’s theory part and Lab training where students being taught how to use tools to become good programmer of Angular JS.

Our trainers are working professionals and certified in Angular JS. They spent enough time in industry and learn Angular JS. With their knowledge and teaching skill one will get thorough knowledge on it and able to stand uniquely in any interview.

One who completes training will get course completion certificate which will add plus point to his/her profile

Our training center is well equipped with necessary infrastructure where trainees explore their practical knowledge.

Placement Assistance from CodeKul

We are one of the well known AngularJS training institute in Pune, we more concentrate on our training quality. After doing training from our institute one will able to find his/her destiny by their own. When students completes his/her training from CodeKul, we provides enough job assistance to the students, were mostly students get place.

Our Placement cell brings on campus interviews and off campus interviews for all students after he/she done certification from our institute. We have tie ups with all type of companies, from Small Level to Big level.



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  1. JavaScript fundamentals
    1. Scope & Function Context
    2. Closures
    3. this keyword
    4. Object-Oriented in JavaScript
    5. Async and Parallel in JavaScript
    6. JavaScript Design Pattern
  2. What are Web Applications?
    1. The Challenge with Web Apps (SPA)
    2. SPA or Web App's?
    3. To bind or not to bind? this is the question
    4. MVC or MVVM Frameworks
    5. Why AngularJS?
  3. Layout Components
    1. AngularJS Building Blocks for Building SPA
    2. Template & live data binding ( Directives & $scope )
    3. Model, View & Controller (MVC)
    4. Dependency Injection ( AngularJS services )
    5. Modules
    6. LAB : TV Show SPA
  4. Bootstrap Plugins
    1. Forms in AngularJS
    2. ng-model directive
    3. ngModelController & FormController
    4. Custom Validation
    5. Input directive
  5. AngularJS Filters
    1. Filter Syntax
    2. AngularJS Filters
    3. Custom filters
  6. Communication
    1. $.Ajax vs. $http
    2. $resource
    3. Promises ($q) vs. Calbacks
    4. Offline / Online
    5. LAB: Full TV Show Web App
  7. AngularJS Internal
    1. AngularJS Startup Process
    2. AngularJS Runtime
    3. Scope API ($id, $watch & $apply )
    4. Scope Communication
    5. Template Services
    6. Injector Service
    7. Modules
    8. Caching
    9. $provide service
    10. Routing
  8. Custom Directive
    1. Template
    2. Scope
    3. Scope API ($id, $watch & $apply )
    4. Compile function
    5. Link function
    6. Controller
    7. Transclude
    8. Animation
  9. Routing and Navigation
    1. $location service
    2. ng-view directive
    3. $route service and route object
    4. Navigation flow
    5. Routing broadcasted events
    6. Resolve option and promise
  10. AngularJS Testing
    1. Unit Testing (Jasmine.js)
    2. AngulrJS Mock API's (ngMock)
    3. Unit Testing Tools
    4. E2E Testing
    5. ngMockE2E - $httpBackend
  11. AngularJS Animation
    1. CSS3 - enabled Animations
    2. Directive That Support Animation
    3. JavaScript-enabled Animations
    4. Using Animations in your own directives
  12. AngularJS Tips & Tricks
    1. Optimization & Performance
    2. Debugging
    3. Localization
    4. Mobile
    5. AngularJS External Module
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