Aniruddha Kudalkar

Full Stack Developer by profession and exploring new ways in Software industry like Home Automation, GPS Tracking system Aniruddha loves to meet new people in the software industry.

Full Stack Software Developer in Pune

Aniruddha Kudalkar
Full Stack Developer with 10+ Years of Experience

About Aniruddha Kudalkar

✅   Total 10+ Years of experience as Full Stack Developer.
✅   10+ years of experience as an Android And Java Trainer.
✅   Worked as Java and Android Developer for 7 years .
✅   Founder of MeLayer Software Solutions LLP.
✅   Founder of CodeKul Private Limited
✅   Guest Faculty for Android and Java at CDAC Acts(Government Organization) , Pune
✅   Running Youtube Channel with 1700+ subscribers
✅   Contributing to opensource ecosystem on Github with 200+ repositories

As a Developer Aniruddha love to teach and develop application C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, iOS, Java, Kotlin, Android, Python, R Language, Data Science & like to keep on exploring new trends in the technology world.

Training Experience

✅   Completed total 500+ Trainings on Android, Java, Kotlin, Angular, Spring
✅   Completed total 200+ Trainings on Java (Front and Back end) and Android.
✅   Presented Google Polymer Design technical session at Google Developers Group, Pune( 2014).
✅   Presented Google Polymer Design technical session at Google Developers Group, Pune( 2015).
✅   Completed Corporate Training on Angular 5 at Innoplexus Private Limited
✅   Completed Corporate Training for Hibernate .
✅   Completed Corporate Training for Java and Android at Support Technologies Pvt Ltd.
✅   Completed Corporate Training for Scalable Game Server at Aaryavarta technologies pune

Workshops and Seminars

✅   Presented Open Source Hardware in National Level Seminar at Sinhagad Lonavala.
✅   Conducted Android Workshop at Walchand College Of Engineering, Sangli.
✅   Conducted Workshop on Java Workshop at Sinhagad, Lonavala.
✅   Conducted Android Seminar at Sinhagad Campus ,Pune.
✅   Conducted Android Seminar at J J Magdum College ,Sangli.
✅   Covered Android and Java Seminar at NMIT College,Pune.
✅   Conducted Android and Java Seminar at Al Ameen College,Pune.
✅   Conducted Java Training at SVCET Junnar.
✅   Conducted Android Workshop at Symbiosis International University
✅   Conducted Android workshop at Cummins college Pune.
✅   Conducted Web Development workshop at IMS College, Ahemadnagar


✅  Android,Kotlin
✅  Angular
✅   Java,Spring
✅  IOT, Blockchain
✅  GPS Tracking System,Home Automation


Completed Engineering Degree from Shivaji University in Computer science with Distinction.

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✅   Github
✅   LinkedIn

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