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What is Behavioral Testing??

First, we discuss on Software Testing  Technique Definition - Software Testing is nothing but the process of evaluating a software program to get the difference between given input and expected output. Testing is going to access the quality of the product. In simple language, testing is a Validation and Verification process. Software testing helps to find errors and bugs in actual requirements. There are two type of technique :  

Screen overlay detected

Screen overlay detected As you are here you are facing the problem of ‘Screen Overlay detected’ on your android mobile phone. While giving permissions like storage or Camera etc. to some applications the popup displayed as “Screen Overlay Detected”. And as per this message popup, you are redirected to the Setting -> Apps. But in settings, it is not simple to find out the reason for this popup. This screen

What is Software Testing & Why organization need it.

What is Software Testing and Why organization need Software Testing In this article you will get the depth knowledge of software testing basics, It’s methods and techniques, levels and how it’s important. Software Testing is the process of measuring or developing the quality and defect free products. In other words, software testing is an execution of the application to find a software bug, defects and errors also to check whether

Methodologies of Software Testing Life Cycle

Methodologies of Software Testing Life CycleIn this article, I’ll give you a deep software testing life cycle (STLC). Software testing is an important part of software development. Software development also has a development life cycle but the software development life cycle (SDLC) and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) is completely different. Software Testing life cycle is defined as the process or stages which executed in a planned manner to

Why Software Industries relying on Web Automations and Mobile Automations in Software Testing.

Indeed, now a days Automation testing is becoming a major part of the software development process to overcome repetitive and complex testing tasks. Automation testing is using automation tools to execute the test cases. Manual testing is performed by a human whereas Automation testing is performed by using automation tools such as Selenium, Cucumber, Sikuli, QTP, RFT for web automations and Appium, Selendroid, Robotium etc for mobile automations. It enables

Why Software Testing is Important ?

Today’s world has been digitalized very rapidly. Every business, every transaction or let’s say everything has become online. Most of the people are using the internet to do these online things. But to make the business online, it is necessary to have a website or a mobile application to do things over the internet. So in this race, the business owners try to make their business website or application in