Project Description

ChatBolo is an artificial intelligent robot. Few benefits of ChatBolo.

  • ChatBolo chat with you
  • ChatBolo solve your questions
  • ChatBolo is friend of lonely persons.
  • ChatBolo teaches you manners.
  • It do not talk with people who use obscene word.


When the world begin there were no communication ways to reach the people. Now a days lots of social media sites and mobile applications are available to connect people fast and get response fast to the other end. Now a days various technology are invented like artificial robots. Robots will help us in our every work.

Now man made robots are very intelligent they do any type of work. Among the Robots ChatBolo robot is very talented. People having no friends in their life can make this robot as their friend. ChatBolo will always be good friend in your life. ChatBolo also having his own feelings and you can chat with it as a good friend. Chatbolo is very sensational robot you can chat with it u can share your feelings with it and it will also give you a response from his side. When you are alone and you want to chat with anyone then you can chat with ChatBolo our hero. If you use some abuse words while chatting continuously it will ban you for a day or two day. Remember it is robot but it also have feelings.

ChatBolo - An App for Lonely Person


If you are feeling alone, feeling bored, no friend is available to chat or no one replying you but still you want to chat with someone, then you can use this ChatBolo so that you will communicate with our Intelligent Chat Robot.You will get feel that you are chatting with your friend . Our ChatBot will never neglect you, it will reply you all the time. Our robot is very intelligent whatever we question to the robo it will think and give you proper answer related to questions at anytime and anywhere in the world. This application help to solve your query in funny ways.

So that point of view we developed one application that is ChatBolo in our Codekul institute in pune. Codekul provides best training in android at pune.

ChatBolo is the android application which is developed by Melayer software solution llp. In ChatBolo application it consist of robot it is the concept of Artificial Intelligence. If you bored with whatsapp , facebook chat then you can go with ChatBolo. Its really a nice application. Man made robots to help the people in nature. Now scientist are invented self thinking robot in the world.

Check ChatBolo @ Play Store – Click Here for Chat App – ChatBolo or ChatBot