Hello Everyone……..! We are already discussed on to the topic name is Top 5 Trending Technologies in 2018. Today’s world is the technological world. Every day the new technologies come in front of the world. We are all surrounded by technology, and it certainly has changed our daily lives drastically making it easier, better, and hassle-free. We are going to do a discussion about such technologies. I have listed top trending technologies, which is expected to acquire a huge market in 2018.

So, let’s make a new year resolution to master any one of the below-listed technologies:

  • Robots
  • Mobile & Social Network
  • 3D Printing
  • Energy Tech
  • Cybersecurity
  • Voice Assistants
  • NanoTechnology
  • Collaborative Tech
  • Health Tech
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • GeoSpatial Tech
  • New Touch Interfaces
  • Wireless Power
  • Quantum Computing
  • Faster, Better Internet

1- Robots

   In simple word, A Robots is a machine which is designed to execute one or more tasks automatically with speed and precision. Now in the world already revolutionized the production line another thing is that robots are getting smarter, smaller and more capable, and they’re walking, rolling and flying out of labs and into homes and businesses at an astonishing rate. Robots have the capability to easily do any work that humans have not got so far. There are main types of robots such as Industrial Robots, Domestic or Household Robots, Medical Robots, Service Robots, Military Robots, Entertainment Robots, Space Robots, Hobby and competition Robots.

2 – Mobile Social Networking

   A mobile social network is a social network where people come to connect each other and converse using a mobile phone. It is similar to Web-based social networks and also makes use of virtual communities, with the difference being in the device used. The mobile messaging is the best way for providing smoother user interaction and also for connecting users each other in mobile social networking. Today’s generation is social media generation. The world comes very closely because of social media. By using Social Network, We talk with another person in world-wide so easily. Most popular social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. They have created mobile applications to give their own users and real-time access from anywhere they have access to the Internet.

3 – 3D Printing

   The 3D Printing is nothing but a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. It is also called as additive manufacturing. An additive process is used to create the 3D printed object. In an additive process, an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the object is created. In this layers can be seen as a lightly sliced horizontal cross-section of the eventual object. There are some technologies of  3D Printing like Fused Deposition Modelling, Selective Laser Sintering, Direct Metal Laser Sintering, Electron Beam Melting, Stereolithography, Digital Light Processing, Continuous Liquid Interface Production, Multijet et Polyjet, Binder Jetting, Selective Deposition Lamination.

4 – Energy Tech

   Energy is nothing but the capacity of a physical system to do work. Energy is denoted as the uppercase letter ‘E’. There are three key: Storage, Electricity generation, and Smart grid. Energy storage involving a new and cost-effective way of storing energy. It is also improved in the batteries. A Smart Grid is a whole the set of technologies that pairs information with transferring electricity. Electricity generation is characterized by technologies which generate power from unused sources and that more efficiently produce electric power or fuels from sources in use today

5 – Cybersecurity

   Cybersecurity nothing but the set of technologies and process used to protect the internet network, programs, computers, and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. The main aim of cybersecurity is protecting the information and systems from major cyber threats. Cybersecurity is playing important role in information technology. There are elements of Cybersecurity: Application security, Information security, Network security, Disaster recovery/business continuity planning, Operational security, End-user education. Advantages of cybersecurity are giving privacy to users, Increase in cyber speed and defense, give protection to company data and information, protects computers devices against a virus.

6 – Voice Assistants

   Voice assistants are known as digital assistants. That is used for natural language processing, speech synthesis, and voice recognition provide to users through voice recognition applications and mobile phones. It is mostly used in help and service phone lines, smartphones and other places to assist users with tasks. There are some popular voice assistants present in the market such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Now, Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana.

7 – Nanotechnology

   Now IT Field (Information Technology) is an important and rapidly growing industrial sector with a high rate of innovation. What is nanotechnology? The Nanotechnology is nothing but the study and application of extremely small things. Nanotechnology is the next industrial revolution and the telecommunications industry will be radically transformed by it in the future. Nanotechnology has revolutionized the telecommunications, computing, and networking industries. It has revolutionized the telecommunications, computing, and networking industries.

The new  technologies are:

  • New-science computers based on Quantum Computing.
  • MEMS means micro-electro-mechanical systems.
  • Faster-Smaller-Smarter based chipsets, memory, and processors.
  • Microscopy and Manufacturing Systems.

8 – Collaborative Tech

   Collaborative Tech, also known as collaborative software or groupware. It is the technology designed to handle group work. It is used by groups to communicate with each other, cooperate, coordinate, negotiate, sharing, solve the problems, or even compete. The time saving, project management, teamwork, and improve organization etc. are the benefits of collaborative Technology.

The are three type of Collaborative Tech

  • Communication
  • Conferencing
  • Coordination

The Collaborative Tech are categorized into two main dimensions.

Suppose multiple users are working on tasks together at the same time (means“synchronous” collaboration software tech) or different times (means “asynchronous” collaboration software tech).

If multiple users are doing work together in one place (means “collocated” or “face-to-face”) or in various places (means “non-collocated” or “distance”).

The Communication Tools, Design Tools, Documentation Tools, File Sharing Tools, Software Tools etc. are the different types of collaborative technology tools.

9 – Health Tech

Health Tech is defined by WHO – World Health Organization. This industry is most important for who work in a specialized area within the health-care industry. Health Tech is the medical and surgical procedure, every type of prevention and rehabilitation, pharmaceuticals and device, all type of medical and surgical procedure, and the system within which health is protected and maintained. It is used to every aspect of healthcare service system from the simple to advance level treatments. In health tech,  If you want to become your career in healthcare technician requires focused training and education in a particular specialty.

  10 – Human-Computer Interaction

   Human-Computer Interaction is the industry of study focusing on the design of computer technology and the interaction between the users and computers. The main goals of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) are to produce usable and safe systems, as well as functional systems. The usability of HCI understands the factors that determine how people use technology and making efficient, effective, and safe interaction between Human and Computer System. The real-time example of HCI such as Computer, Laptop, ATM Machine, Watch, Calculator, Mobile Phone, etc.

11 – Geospatial Technology

   Geospatial technology is a special field of information technology that focuses on the geographical, temporal, and spatial context of data. Spatial data is data that has a location.  It could be a specific point, like an address; a line, like a road; or a large area, like a city boundary. You can attach location information to all kinds of data. There are important tools such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), Global Positioning System (GPS), and other technologies.

GIS: GIS stands for Geographic Information System. It is designed to spatial and geographical data like capture, analyze, store, manipulate, manage, and present all types of geographical information. GIS data can be displayed as an image that is referenced to the earth and these values are stored in the table.

GPS: GPS Technology is a satellite-based navigation system consisting of up to 24 satellites. The first GPS satellite was launched in February 1978. Actually, GPS was originally designed to assist soldiers and military vehicles, planes, and ships in accurately determining their locations worldwide but nowadays GPS is present in every smartphone.  It works at any time, 24×7 day, any weather conditions, anywhere in the world, without any subscription fees or setup charges.

12 – New Touch Interfaces

   Today world is the smart world. Everyone wants to do smart works. Touch Interface technology is that it’s wonderfully easy for people to use. The popularity of touchscreen devices are rapidly growth day by day in electronics devices such as mobile phones, tablets, LED tv, ATM machines etc.

13 – Wireless Power

   Wireless Power is nothing but the transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electrical load without interconnecting wires. By using WPT (Wireless Power Transfer System) to transfer power through the air without any wired media. It can recharge mobile phones and tablets, drones, cars, even transportation equipment. Lower energy consumption, no electric wires, Universal charger, Prolonged battery life etc. are the benefits of wireless power. There are three type of Wireless Power Transmission

  • Microwave power transmission
  • Inductive-coupling-power transmission
  • Laser-power transmission methods

14 – Quantum Computing

   Quantum Computing is a machine that performs a calculation based on the law of quantum mechanics. Quantum Mechanical Phenomena is used to perform atomic and subatomic operations on data. QM is a theory of the behavior of very small objects. It can also be faster for some other mathematical problems. It is the area of study focused on developing computer technology.

15 – Faster, Better Internet

   The faster and better internet is nothing but the speed of the internet. It’s not like your car and bikes speed, where you can measure the speed and how goes far in the kilometer per hour. The faster internet depends on what type of internet connection is best for your business. The internet speed is measured in kbps (Kilobits per second), Mbps (Megabits per second), MBps (Megabytes per second), Gbps (Gigabits per second).

Those were all top 15 trending technologies that I had to share with you. If you want to get new updates daily stay connected with us!!