We will learn in this Article, What Angular 6 is so here is some small overview of angular 6.

 Angular 6 allows developers to build a robust application with the client experience of desktop application and the simple to arrange the web application. Precise itself doesn’t have a groundbreaking change in the Angular center, however, Angular 6 Cli is really exciting. The Angular team is focusing more on execution, building PWAs effortlessly, giving a decent domain to work in which to work with Angular in an easy way.

          Angular has come out with some new features in version 6.0.0, Particularly in Angular 6 Cli. Here now you can easily update your old bundles, create native web element using  Angular Element, and many other different things.

         The New Angular 6 Features is given below with detail have a look!

  Here are the Methods That Is Helping Angular 6

  • TYPESCRIPT VERSION 2.7               

Angular 6 best feature is the typeScript that is updated to v2.7 which is quick to use and utilize response time.

         TypeScript 2.7 adds support for declaring const-named properties on types including ECMAScript symbols.


         // Lib
        export const SERIALIZE = Symbol(“serialize-method-key”);
       export interface Serializable{

       [SERIALIZE](obj: {}): string;

      // consumer

      import { SERIALIZE, Serializable } from “lib”;

     class JSONSerializableItem implements Serializable {
     [SERIALIZE](obj: {}) {
       return JSON.stringify(obj);

    This also applies to numeric and string literals.


    const Foo = “Foo”;
    const Bar = “Bar”;

     let x = {
     [Foo]: 100,
     [Bar]: “hello”,

    let a = x[Foo]; // has type ‘number’
    let b = x[Bar]; // has type ‘string’

  • ANGULAR ELEMENTS                     

          Angular 6 is the right choice for developing single page Application, making a widget that can be added to any existing website page was not a simple task.  If you need to embed some of the components of your Angular content into another application, then it can now be done effortlessly as web Segments utilizing Angular Element. This Task was being kept running as a major aspect of the lab prior, however, with Angular 6.0, it has been put out for use by the Developers.


         Angular 6 have another feature that is closure Compiler which is the bundling optimizer used to create JavaScript modules for all Google Web application.

      You can use the Closure Compiler as:

  1. An open source Java application that you can keep running from the order line.
  2. A simple web application.
  3. A RESTful API.

      What are the benefits of using? Closure Compiler

  1. Efficiency: The Closure Compiler Reduces the measure of your JavaScript Files and makes them more efficient, helping your application to load faster and reducing your bandwidth needs.
  2. Code checking:  The Closure Compiler gives admonitions to illicit JavaScript and alerts for potentially dangerous operation, helping you to deliver JavaScript that is less surrey and easier to maintain.

         Next is Router Angular 6 added navigationSource and restoredState to NavigationStart, NavigationStart there is no real way to know whether the route was activated vitally or via the location change.


         Angular 6 Material library uses component dev kit, which gives more than 30+ UI component and allows us to make our own library of UI component using Angular Material for Responsive web Design layouts.

        What does the CDK contain?

             The CDK is broken up into subpackages that each covers a different area of responsibility.

        1. a11y — accessibility

               The a11y subpackage contains a handful of utilities to help build more available segments, especially for users that interact with the web through  Screen-Peruser.

       2. bidi — bidirectional text

          The BidiModule from the bidi Subpackage gives a typical example to all components to get and respond to change to the current LTR/RTL dir of the page.

     3. Overlay

        In Angular Material, our most ordinarily utilized cooperation design is the floating overlay panel. This is the center of the menu, select, discourse, Lunchroom, autocomplete, and tooltip. These part are based over the CDK’s overlay subpackage.

       4. layout

         The design subpackage offers BreakpointObserver. An Observable-based reflection over the local matchMedia Function. This helper lets you define an arrangement of the media-query breakpoint (e.g., Handset, Tablet, Desktop) so your parts can adjust to change in screen estimate with clear, readable semantics.                     


         Service Worker is a script that runs in the web browser and manages to cache for an application. Service Worker in angular 6 comes with bug fixes and additional feature.


        Angular 6 CLI generates Angular antiquities utilizing the technology called Schematics. Now you can use this ng update that automatically updates your whole project dependencies and makes automated version fixes and creates your own code transformation like ng update.

          1. ng add

      ng include is another direction in Angular-Cli that help you to introduce and download new bundles in your precise application. It works the equivalent as npm, but it doesn’t supplant it.

      Using ng add To Add Angular Material

     The following command we use to add angular material to the project.


        ng add @angular/material

       And this will add angular material in our project No need to follow the previous process to install material as in angular 5

      2.ng update


          ng update@angular/core

           ng update is a new Angular-Cli command too. It’s used to update and upgrade your packages. It’s extremely useful, for instance, when you need to redesign from Angular 5 to Angular 6, or some other bundle in your Angular application.


              The 2.6 version of Typescript “resolveModuleNam” started to require path passes to be separated by ‘/’ instead of being able to handle ‘\’.

           This changes will Clarify cross-compatibility. The little and patch will be made accessible as per the necessities of the activities.

            Since Angular 6.0 is as of now on the floor, the web developers, as well as app developers, get rapidly fully updated about the latest version of JavaScript Framework. The Angular group has attempted its best to load it with new features and improvement.

  I hope you enjoyed learning about the new features of Angular 6! See you soon.