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Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework for distributed storage and distributed processing of very large data sets.

About Hadoop

What is this training about ?

CodeKul is providing training on future promising technology named Hadoop. Our training makes sure that after completion of certification you will able to do any project on Hadoop. This training not only provides knowledge on latest version of Hadoop, but also gives you enough experience on it via real time projects practice. Our training institute provides real time project experience with help of fully equipped Hadoop environment lab.

What is Hadoop ?

Hadoop is a very critical and an open-source software framework based on Java for distributed processing and distributed storage of very large data sets on computer clusters built from commodity hardware.

Most of the companies who is dealing with large data is using Hadoop technology to maintain it. Some name of those companies are Yahoo!, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Google, etc. So pursue training in Hadoop will definitely promise you bright future.

How would this Training help you to build your career ?

Information of any company is getting increase day by day. We can say today’s market agenda is to convert Volume to Value. A survey says that every company is investing more than 30% of its investment to maintain its Data. According to this, one can predict that in future Data Center is going to be increase by 10 times, Storage Devices definitely increase with increase in data centers- which required to stored this enormous Big Data & to manage this it is obvious that industry will need massive Man power. The opportunities on Hadoop technology will be there in future without any doubt.

After pursue Hadoop training one can go for different profiles like Hadoop Architect, Hadoop Developer, Hadoop Scientist, Hadoop Administrator, Hadoop Engineer, Hadoop Analyst.

What should one know to start learning Hadoop ?

Knowledge on Java is prerequisite for Hadoop. Hence, we are providing necessary training on Java along with the course.

Why choose CodeKul ?


CodeKul being a training institute in Pune is No1 in terms of class timings, Faculty, Lab facility, Notes etc. We always got positive feedback from our students, they are happy because of our 100% quality assurance in teaching, class timings, etc. For fresher’s Extra classes for Programming, Group discussion, Aptitude, Personality Development, Interview tips, Resume Building, etc.

CodeKul being a pioneer Hibernate Training Institute in Pune provides training on extensively used framework- Hibernate. We provide quality Hibernate framework education in our training institute at most affordable price. A java developer or fresh engineer can push his/her career in this future promising field after pursuing training from CodeKul.

Our training center is well equipped with necessary infrastructure where trainees explore their practical knowledge.

Expert Trainers

Our trainers are working professionals and certified in various database applications. They spent enough time in industry and learn how to use Hibernate efficiently and effectively. With their knowledge and teaching skill one will get thorough knowledge on it and become expert.

Our teaching style is entirely based on practical scenario on which presently industry is working on. You'll have access to our fully configured lab assets where you can practice under our lab admins.

Trusted Certification

One who completes training will get course completion certificate which will add plus point to his/her profile. After gaining knowledge from our expert trainers, students are able to get job anywhere in India. However candidates get lot of interview assistance too.

Job Assistance

CodeKul provides excellent training in Hadoop and also provides job assistance with plenty of tie up companies.

Have you made your mind to do training on this future promising technology then don’t wait inquire about next batch and enroll your name.



Regular Batches

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Weekend Batches

We conduct weekend batches like Manual software testing institute in pune, iOS Class in pune , android mobile app development training in pune, angular JS class in pune, unity3d/game engine development class in pune, java training in pune, Hadoop course in pune with customized syllabus for corporate people. We have syllabus as per the industry requirements for the fresher students.

Corporate Batches

We provide corporate training with customized syllabus on android course in pune, angular JS training in pune, core java certification in pune, Hadoop training in pune, iOS mobile application development course in pune, unity3d class in pune.

Workshops & Seminars

We provide workshops and seminars to the colleges, corporate people and companies.



  1. Introduction to HADOOP and HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System
    1. Design of HDFS
    2. HDFS Concepts
    3. Command Line Interface
    4. Hadoop File Systems
    5. Java Interface
    6. Data Flow
    7. Parallel Copying with DISTCP
    8. Hadoop Archives
  2. Understanding Pseudo Cluster Environment
    1. Cluster Specification
    2. Hadoop Configuration
    3. Basic Linux and HDFS commands
  3. Understanding - Map-Reduce Basics and Map-Reduce Types and Formats
    1. Hadoop Data Types
    2. Functional - Concept of Mappers
    3. Functional - Concept of Reducers
    4. The Execution Framework
    5. Concept of Partitioners
    6. Functional - Concept of Combiners
    7. Distributed File System
    8. Hadoop Cluster Architecture
    9. MapReduce Types
    10. Input Formats
    11. OutPut Formats
  4. PIG+Impala
    1. Installing and Running Pig
    2. Grunt
    3. Pig's Data Model
    4. Pig Latin
    5. Developing & Testing Pig Latin Scripts
    6. Writing Evaluation
    7. Filter
    8. Load & Store Functions
  5. HIVE
    1. Hive Architecture
    2. Running Hive
    3. Comparison with Traditional Database
    4. Updates
    5. HiveQL
    6. Tables
    7. Querying Data
    8. User Defined Functions
    9. Appending Data into existing Hive Table
    10. Custom Map/Reduce in Hive
    1. Introduction
    2. Client API - Basics
    3. Client API - Advanced Features
    4. Client API - Administrative Features
    5. Available Client
    6. Architecture
    7. MapReduce Integration
    8. Advanced Usage
    9. Advance Indexing
    10. The Zookeeper Service
    11. Building Applications with Zookeeper
    12. Database Imports
    13. Working with Imported Data
    14. Importing Large Objects
    15. Performing Exports
    16. Exports - A Deeper Look
    1. App. Development
    2. Running search Query
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