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About Kotlin

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is programming language developed by JetBrains which runs on Java Virtual Machine.The compilation for the can be done for JavaScript sourcecode.

Why Kotlin ?

The answer to the question "Why Kotlin?" is more important than other questions because Kotlins comes from industry not from traditional curriculum pattern. Also as Kotlin is open source language, it costs nothing to adopt. It compiles JVM or Javascript and now it is an officially Google-supported language for Android development?

How fast is Kotlin compared to Java ?

As Kotlin balances conciseness and also readability in syntax which helps to write the code faster and allows better productivity.

Also, the type system distinguishes between references that can hold null and those that can not. It lets the compiler systematically flag potential null pointer dereferences.It provides functional programming support as well as imposes no runtime overhead.

Why should we use Kotlin in Android development ?

There are many Java Virtual Machine languages you can use for android but Kotline offers integrations with Android Studio, Google Primary IDE that no language offers other than Java. Another reason to use Kotlin in Android development is that it is a Google official language that supports android development.

Is it feasible to learn Kotlin without learning Java first ?

I really don’t think that a knowledge of Java is needed or even useful to learning Kotlin because of Kotlin shares almost nothing in common with Java in terms of syntax. Many of the patterns that Java programming have no place in Kotlin.

What are the disadvantages of Kotlin ?

Using Functional Types with Unit return type from Java is a bit awkward because they are compiled to return Unit, not void. This means { doStuff() } in Kotlin becomes () -> {doStuff(); return null; } in Java.

You need to learn a new language. However, you can see this as a pro because learning is fun.

Which are the trusted resources that provide information about Kotlin ?

As the web is ample source of information but http://kotlinlang.org/ is the official website of Kotlin.

Online training videos of Kotler is available on CodeKul Youtube Channel. Classroom training also provides at Codekul Training Institute.

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