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PHP is a widely-used, free, and efficient server side scripting language

About PHP

Welcome to PHP training institute

PHP is known as server side scripting language originally designed for web development but some programmers are using it as a general purpose programming language. PHP created by John Paul in 1994. PHP is open source, object oriented platform so it is widely used in web servers. With PHP libraries and built in modules programmer can interact with FTP servers, and various database servers.

Prerequisite for learning PHP

Basic knowledge of HTML is prerequisite to learn PHP along with that basic computer knowledge will add an advantage. Anyone can become expert in PHP provided fact that he/she will get proper training. PHP is very easy and widely used demanded web designing language nowadays. PHP also used for designing small web applications.

Why training in PHP?

Web development is very vast field one will make career in lot of technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS, Node JS, etc. In last few years online shopping web applications comes into picture which has very high clarity images, data, etc. To build such web app HTML, CSS and JavaScript was not enough so programmers started using PHP. So we can say PHP is very important technology and having very vast future for Job.

Nowadays most of the companies are become more aggressive in terms of selecting candidates for JOB. Earlier it was easy, one with basic knowledge of PHP will get job and companies used to train them, but nowadays companies need trained employees who can start work from day one. So from where one will get such knowledge? Your answer is here, CodeKul is no. 1 training institute in Pune which provides that kind of training in PHP.

Future scope of PHP developers

Are you willing to do training on PHP, worried about the future scope of PHP? According to current market one can assure a good future of PHP. However, in technical era every technology will have competition. But for now PHP is best option in web development, don’t worry!!!

What makes CodeKul a No.1 Training Institute in Pune?

We cannot ignore the role of a training institute in the life of a trainee. Training institute provides the career guidance to choose best trending technology from various technologies. Our trainers encourage trainees to learn well. With their tremendous knowledge on PHP a student can start individual’s journey in Web Development.

Our Zend Certified trainers construct a student friendly syllabus which helps trainees to understand all topics in PHP (Basics to advance).

Students under goes regular test as well as Mock interviews to make sure that student will have enough practice to face any interview and crack it.

Real time practice on PHP programming makes any candidates to crack any interview easily. We have well equipped training center with necessary infrastructure to practice in institute itself. This gives trainee an industry level experience.

In Pune lot of PHP Coaching centers are there but we are the best PHP training in quality of teaching because our trainers spent years to learn the PHP and able to teach it in specific hours.

Angularjs,JavaScript and Node.js is an extended version of JavaScript so one can start learning it after completion of JavaScript training. This new technologies are highly demanded now.



Regular Batches

We conduct daily batches for Manual software testing in pune, android class in pune, angular JS course in pune, iOS training in pune, unity/game development training in pune, Java certification course in pune, Hadoop big data analysis training institute in pune. We mainly focus on 100% practical knowledge to give our students.

Weekend Batches

We conduct weekend batches like Manual software testing institute in pune, iOS Class in pune , android mobile app development training in pune, angular JS class in pune, unity3d/game engine development class in pune, java training in pune, Hadoop course in pune with customized syllabus for corporate people. We have syllabus as per the industry requirements for the fresher students.

Corporate Batches

We provide corporate training with customized syllabus on android course in pune, angular JS training in pune, core java certification in pune, Hadoop training in pune, iOS mobile application development course in pune, unity3d class in pune.

Workshops & Seminars

We provide workshops and seminars to the colleges, corporate people and companies.



  1. Introduction to PHP
    1. Evaluation of Php
    2. Basic Syntax
    3. Defining variable and constant
    4. Php Data type
    5. Operator and Expression
  2. Handling Html Form With Php
    1. Capturing Form Data
    2. Dealing with Multi-value field
    3. Generating File upload form
    4. Redirecting a form after submission
  3. Decisions and loop
    1. Making Decisions
    2. Doing Repetitive task with looping
    3. Mixing Decisions and looping with Html
  4. Function
    1. What is a function
    2. Define a function
    3. Call by value and Call by reference
    4. Recursive functions
  5. String
    1. Creating and accessing String
    2. Searching & Replacing String
    3. Formatting String
    4. String Related Library function
  6. Array
    1. Anatomy of an Array
    2. Creating index based and Associative array
    3. Accessing array Element
    4. Looping with Index based array
    5. Looping with associative array using each() and foreach()
    6. Some useful Library function
  7. Working with file and Directories
    1. Understanding file& directory
    2. Opening and closing a file
    3. Copying ,renaming and deleting a file
    4. Working with directories
    5. Building a text editor
    6. File Uploading & Downloading
  8. State management
    1. Using query string(URL rewriting)
    2. Using Hidden field
    3. Using cookies
    4. Using session
  9. String matching with regular expression
    1. What is regular expression
    2. Pattern matching in Php
    3. Replacing text
    4. Splitting a string with a Regular Expression
  10. Generating Images with PHP
    1. Basics of computer Graphics
    2. Creating Image
    3. Manipulating Image
    4. Using text in Image
  11. Database Connectivity with MySql
    1. Introduction to RDBMS
    2. Connection with MySql Database
    3. Performing basic database operation(DML) (Insert, Delete, Update, Select)
    4. Setting query parameter
    5. Executing query
    6. Join (Cross joins, Inner joins, Outer Joins, Self joins.)
  12. Mini Project
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