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Unity is the ultimate game development platform. Use Unity to build high-quality 3D and 2D games, deploy them across mobile, desktop, VR/AR, consoles.

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About Unity

Welcome to Unity Training Institute

It is very hard to find training institute which provides Training on subject like Unity Game engine with real time exposure. CodeKul is one of them, it is a Pune based well known training institute which believes in " Implementation is more important than Learning ". With this motto we are able to deliver efficient man power to the industry.

What is Unity Game Engine ?

Unity is known as cross platform game engine, which is developed by Unity Technologies. It used to develop video games for PC, consoles, mobile devices and online games. Unity is the default software development kit (SDK) for very famous Nintendo's Wii U video game console platform. Now a day most of the games are built with Unity Game Engine.

Course Overview

This course design such a way that candidates will understand whole process of Game Development. Candidates will gain basic knowledge of Modeling, Rendering, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging and Animation required for a Game Programmer through 3D software. Candidates will get complete knowledge of Unity Game Engine; also they are able to develop a fully playable game in Unity Game Engine.

Scope for Unity Game Engine Experts

The course creates a prospective employee with all the required skills that are in demand in the growing Gaming industry in India & outside India. This will leads to better career opportunities in Gaming Field. Gaming field is evergreen field; it will never have recession (for at least next 10 years). In gaming field there is lot of sectors to be work with, one can build his/her career in any of those sectors.

Prerequisites for Unity Game Engine

Candidates with pretty knowledge on C and C++ will be able to learn Unity Game Engine easily, with dedication and interest in game development.

Why CodeKul is known as best training institute in Pune?


CodeKul being a training institute in Pune is No1 in terms of class timings, Faculty, Lab facility, Notes etc. We always got positive feedback from our students, they are happy because we conduct regular classes and provides backup classes for those who missed the class, also weekend classes if required. Extra sessions for Programming, Group discussion, Aptitude, Personality Development, Interview tips, Resume Building, etc .

Experienced Trainers

Our trainers are working professionals and certified in Unity3d and Game related technologies. They spent enough time in industry and learn how to use Unity Game Engine efficiently and effectively. With their knowledge and teaching skill one will get thorough knowledge on it and become expert.

Job Assistance

CodeKul provides excellent training in Unity Game Engine and also provides job assistance to fresh as well as experience candidates. CodeKul provides plenty of interview opportunities after course completion so that student will get place as soon as possible.

So are you ready to get trained from the Best Unity Game Engine training institute in Pune??? Well, then enquire about upcoming batch now and reserve your seat.


  1. Introduction to Gaming
    1. What is gaming market and past look of gaming.
  2. Understanding Game Development
    1. Brief view of Game development perspective
  3. Unity 3D Game Engine
    1. Introduction to unity framework
  4. The Views in unity
    1. The Scene View , Game View , Hierarchy View , Inspector View , Project View
  5. The Physic Engine
    1. Objects in unity , how to apply physics to objects.
    2. Introduction to important Classes of physics.
  6. Common Game Mechanics
    1. Setting up game environment with main character.
  7. Scripting
    1. Introduction to Scripting in unity
    2. Building Blocks for Unity Scripts
    3. variables and methods
    4. Common Data Type
    5. Class
    6. Decision Making
    7. Loops
    8. Operators
    9. TypeCasting
    10. Array
    11. List
    12. Finding and interacting with other Game Objects
    13. Load from Asset
    14. GetComponent <>()
    15. Input
    16. Translate and Rotation
    17. DeltaTime
    18. Prefab
    19. LocalPosition , LocalRotation
    20. Vector3
    21. Coroutines
    22. Application
    23. Quaternion
    24. LookAt
    25. Playerprefs
    26. ENUM
    27. Particle Effects
    28. Attributes
  8. Camera Handling
    1. Introduction to camera handling in unity
    2. Camera movement scripts
    3. Layer handling
  9. Collision Detection , Materials , Prefabs
    1. Introduction to Collision detection ,materials ,Textures
    2. Prefab use and its instantiation.
  10. Handling sound ,Timers and HUD
    1. Introduction to sound implementation and timer
  11. Profiler
    1. Introduction to profiler in unity
  12. Demo Game Project

Interview Q/A

My game has more number of enemies and my player is not getting their collisions if i increase my player's speed .How get all the collisions ?

In such scenario our player moves faster and though it passes through collider it doesn't recognizes it. It is because of value of timestep in project setting.
Basically collision is related to physics cycle whose call is totally dependent on value of timestep.
To get all collisions which are within one frame we should set less value of timestep than previous value , so that physics cycle will be repeated times within a single frame.

How to create an object run time ?

Most programmers know that to allocate memory to an object 'new' keyword is used.So to create object runtime we need to do following code- GameObject obj = new GameObject(“GameObjectwithNew”); obj.AddComponents (); Or even by making prefabs you can create object run time.

What unity has to fine tune quality of graphics ?

To fine tune quality of graphics we have to set proper quality profile as per our need. That can be set by Edit-> ProjectSetting -> Quality -> and we can set any profile or add as per our configuration.

What is delta time ?

delta is nothing but difference , so clearly deltatime is nothing but the difference between time. Basically deltatime is a float value , this value represents the difference value between two frames. Each frame takes different time to complete. By using deltatime factor we can make our game movements related to seconds instead of frames.

What is difference between Update and FixedUpdate ?

Update function is called per frame. Whereas FixedUpdate function is called after the “Timestep” time value set in project setting. Fixed update is used to handle physics related things. Update took different time value to complete. But FixedUpdate is always called at fixed timestep value.

What is Trigger in unity ?

Ans-Trigger is property of gameobject which is related to collider. If trigger check box in inspector is checked , then physics engine can execute OnTriggerEnter , OnTriggerExit ,OnTriggerStay . Triggers are very good to trigger events in game.

Can two GameObjects, each with only SphereCollider, be set as trigger and raise OnTrigger events? Explain your answer ?

Nope. With only Sphere Collider on game objects it is not possible to trigger events. Because we can check collision events between two objects only if one of them has a RigidBody attached to it. Most of the developer come across this problem when implementing applications that use physics.

Arrange the event functions listed below in the order in which they will be invoked when an application is closed: Update() OnGUI() Awake() OnDisable() Start() LateUpdate() OnEnable() OnApplicationQuit() OnDestroy()

The correct execution order of these event functions when an application closes is as follows: Awake() OnEnable() Start() Update() LateUpdate() OnGUI() OnApplicationQuit() OnDisable() OnDestroy()

What is wrong in following code and correct it: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Movement : MonoBehaviour { void Start () { transform.position.x = 100; }

We cant modify the position from a transform directly. This is because the position is actually a property (not a field). using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Movement : MonoBehaviour { void Start () { Vector3 newPos = new Vector3(10, transform.position.y, transform.position.z); transform.position = newPos; } }

What is prefab in unity?

Prefab is nothing but the preoccupied gameobject placed in asset folder We can say prefab is clone of gameobject which we want to use to create clone of gameobjects.

What are ways to hide gameobject?

Make GameObject inactive. Make Meshrenderer field of game object inactive.

What is difference between transform.LocalPosition() and transform.Position() ?

position The position of the transform in world space. localPosition Position of the transform relative to the parent transform. i.e. if you have a gameObject with it's world coordinates at 241, 344, 124 (random) and then make a new GameObject at the same place, and then drag one onto the other, the child's localPosition will be (0, 0, 0)

How to use gyroscope of device in unity ?

using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { public Vector3 forceVec; public Rigidbody rb; void Start() { rb = GetComponent (); } void FixedUpdate() { rb.AddForce(Input.gyro.userAcceleration.x * forceVec); } }

How to check/see UI changes made in script before clicking play button in editor?

[ExecuteInEditMode] public class ColorScript : MonoBehaviour { void Start() { renderer.sharedMaterial.color = Color.red; } }

How to call web page function from unity web player ?

Application.ExternalCall( "SayHello ", "The game says hello! " );

List mobile optimizations in unity.
  • Limit the viewing frustum at reasonable level.
  • Keep the number of materials as low as possible.
  • Use texture atlases.
  • Use Renderer.sharedMaterial instead of Renderer.material if using texture atlases and shared materials.
  • FindObjectsOfType (and Unity getter properties in general) are very slow, so use them sensibly.
  • Set the Static property on non-moving objects to allow internal optimizations like static batching.
  • Use as little Cloth objects as possible.
  • Never ever move a static collider (ie a collider without a Rigidbody) as it causes a big performance hit. It shows up in Profiler as "Static Collider.Move but actual processing is in Physics.Simulate. If necessary, add a RigidBody and set isKinematic to true.
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