Varun Kudalkar

iOS Developer by profession and explored new programming languages like Python in the Data Science World

About Varun Kudalkar

✅   Total 8+ Years software development experience.
✅   6+ years of experience as an iOS application developer.
✅   5+ years of experience as iOS application development trainer.
✅   2+ years of experience as IoT Trainer.
✅   Product manager at MeLayer Software Solutions LLP.
✅   Technology trainer of CodeKul Private Limited.
✅   Total corporate trainings conducted - 10+.
✅   Total candidates trained - 100+.
✅   Running Youtube Channel with 1700+ subscribers.
✅   Appointed as board member in Departmental Advisory Board (DAB) of SBGI College of Engineering computer department

As a Developer Varun love to teach and develop application C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, iOS, Java, Kotlin, Android, Python, R Language, Data Science & like to keep on exploring new trends in the technology world.

Training Experience

✅   Completed total 150+ Trainings on Swift, Objective-C, iOS.
✅   Completed Corporate Training on Swift iOS at John Deere India Private Limited.
✅   Completed Corporate Training on Python for Datascience at Innoplexus Private Limited.
✅   Completed Corporate Training for swift iOS at Support Technologies Pvt Ltd.
✅   Trained 20 Corporate people for programming basics Aaryavarta technologies Pune.
✅   Completed Add-On sessions at pune district education associations Mamasaheb Mohol College Pune

Workshops and Seminars

✅   Conducted Android Workshop at SBGI college of engineering miraj.
✅   Conducted Workshop on Technology trends at Sinhagad, Lonavala.
✅   Conducted Python for Datascience Seminar at JSPM Narhe Campus, Pune.
✅   Conducted Android and Java Seminar at Al Ameen College,Pune.
✅   Conducted seminar on fifth generations technologies(AI, IoT, Blockchain) at pune district education associations mamasaheb mohol college
✅   Conducted Workshop on Technology trends at Cummins college Pune.


✅  C, C++,
✅  Objective-C, Swift, iOS,
✅   Java, Kotlin, Android,
✅  Python, R Language, Data Science


Completed Engineering Degree from Shivaji University in Computer science with Distinction.

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✅   Youtube Channel
✅   Github
✅   LinkedIn

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