• The Secret of Successful Top 10 Benefits Of Doing An Online Course

The Secret of Successful Top 10 Benefits Of Doing An Online Course

Have you joined in live sessions for an online course before? Or thinking about taking demo an online course? So, You have lots of option for online training courses. You can search online classes on Google. You will get more result and choose best training center where you want in the world. So, Let us we start the discussion on our topic. What is Online Learning and Online Courses?

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The eelo OS and web services – Alternative Google Android OS for privacy

Every new year is about new beginnings. In 2018, we want to expect some cutting-edge stuff and design in the technology, but we can also expect a brand new open-source operating system and it has its own associated web service to take on the likes of Google. We are facing some data privacy problems in modern mobile phones and computers. Android is currently most widely used OS in the

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What is TensorFlow Deep Learning?

TensorFlow is machine learning open source framework designed by Google in November 2015, is used to simplify the development of deep neural networks. TensorFlow is also an open source library and it licensed under the Apache. You can use it and modify it and you don’t need to pay any licensed fees it’s totally free. It is used to design, build, and train deep learning models. Google Team, researchers

Overview of Functional and Non Functional Testing with Example

What is Functional Testing? Functional Testing is the part of Automation testing. The primary goal of functional testing is to validate the functionalities or to check all functionalities are properly working not as per user requirements. Functional testing is done as per the user concern and trying to make it as user want. Functional Testing involved black box testing. In the functional testing tester first test each component’s functionality, not

  • Top 5 trending programming languages to learn in 2018

Top 5 trending programming languages to learn in 2018

Along with the wishing’s of New Year 2018, Codekul has come up with few tips for rapidly growing your career. Technology and programming will be blooming in this year consistently so it would be best to learn the new programming language to boost your career. Top 5 languages having excellent scope and potential of uplifting your career along with assuring 100% job guarantee are as follows: 1. Javascript 2.

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What are the Difference Between iOS Versions history

iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. iOS is an Apple operating system that runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Historically Apple launched its new version once in a year. Apple launched it’s the first version in 2007. Now it going to release its new version iOS 11.   Before ten years apple turn the world and made it smart. Apple launched its first pocket

  • Top 5 PHP framework Technology

Top 5 PHP Frameworks of 2018

For developing the web application app or any dynamic website  PHP technology is the most popular and easiest server-side scripting language. It provides services for interacting with database technologies and handling emails etc. Because of its flexibility, it is not difficult to create an application. PHP has great HTML and Database integration support and it’s easy to learn. PHP frameworks are designed to simplify complex coding concerns of PHP

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Why we use angularjs instead of jquery?

Most of the web developers familiar with jQuery, but not with AngularJS. Many people say that jQuery and AngularJS are not comparable because of they are different from each other because jQuery is a library while AngularJS is a framework. Most of the developer think that AngularJS and jQuery is the same technology, but actually, AngularJS is suitable for the web application development and it can work on the

  • ASP.NET Page Life Cycle

What is Page Life Cycle in ASP.net?

ASP.NET is a web development platform designed and developed by Microsoft. It is a server-side technology. C sharp and ASP.NET is used to design web pages, web application, and web services. You can develop ASP.NET application in 3 ways - Web Forms ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET Web Pages ASP.NET Page Life Cycle: Every programmer should understand ASP.NET page life cycle because he should know that where we have to place

  • Types of Algorithms in Data Structure

What are the types of Algorithms in Data Structures Every Programmer Should Know?

Before knowing the algorithms in data structures, first of all, we will see the basic concept, what is meant by the data structure and what is meant by an Algorithm? Data Structure: Data Structure is the process of organizing data, in other words, it is the process of arranging data in computer memory in such a way that it can give data quickly to the processor at the time of