How to Install Ubuntu on your computer

Hello Everyone!! Let us discuss on how to install Ubuntu on your own computer system. In this tutorial we are clearly explain installation process step by step. Most of the companies for develop an android app and web application Ubuntu is very familiar OS to develop applications.  We include all steps like what are the hardware requirement, how to install by using DVD and USB to boot, location details etc.

  • Android Kotlin Steps

Steps to create new Android project using Kotlin

When you create a new android project, generally you used java programming language. From past year many programming language has been introduced, now google approves Kotlin - is a new programming language from JetBrains. Kotlin is a statically-typed programming language that runs on the JVM. It can also be compiled to JavaScript source code.That means developers can use the Java Libraries they already use now, and the code they write

Why Software Industries relying on Web Automations and Mobile Automations in Software Testing.

Indeed, now a days Automation testing is becoming a major part of the software development process to overcome repetitive and complex testing tasks. Automation testing is using automation tools to execute the test cases. Manual testing is performed by a human whereas Automation testing is performed by using automation tools such as Selenium, Cucumber, Sikuli, QTP, RFT for web automations and Appium, Selendroid, Robotium etc for mobile automations. It enables

Why Software Testing is Important ?

Today’s world has been digitalized very rapidly. Every business, every transaction or let’s say everything has become online. Most of the people are using the internet to do these online things. But to make the business online, it is necessary to have a website or a mobile application to do things over the internet. So in this race, the business owners try to make their business website or application in

  • moto g4 how to set ringtone

Moto G4 – Ringtone Setter

I just bought new Moto G4 hands. Pretty Good in functionality with very less weight & Slim. But when I was searching for how to set ringtone for moto g4. But i didn't found any option for setting ringtone for moto g4. Final option i took to download  app and set in 2 steps i set which ever ringtone for my new brand Moto G4. Please check out the following

  • Outdoor Games for Kids Active Development

Indoor and Outdoor Games Kids Active Development

Indoor games for Kids Active Development Kids engage themselves in activities which make them more active & inspire them to keenly learn new things. Their exploring nature makes them unstoppable to perform things differently. There are number of indoor games & toys which help engage children in different ways & provide them with different opportunities to learn.  Be it a 2 year toddler or a 4 years child, toys make

  • LinkedIn Profinder

LinkedIn Profinder – Steps to Apply Linkedin Profinder

LinkedIn - We all are familiar with LinkedIn as a Professional networking website which directly connect organisation & working professional together. With LinkedIn any company can showcase their company page on LinkedIn and many more things can be done but i don't  want go in that depth. So now LinkedIn has given a sudden surprise to the world with its new channel or product called as LinkedIn Profinder. What is

What are the types of Web Services in ASP.NET

What is Web Service? Types of Web Services in ASP.Net Web Service is an application that is designed to interact directly with other applications over the internet. In simple sense, Web Services are means for interacting with objects over the Internet. The Web serivce consumers are able to invoke method calls on remote objects by using SOAP and HTTP over the Web. WebService is language independent and Web Services communicate by

  • ASP.NET Interview Question & Answer

Top C# and Interview Questions

1.What is the basic difference between ASP and ASP.NET? ===>The basic difference between ASP and ASP.NET is that ASP is interpreted; whereas, ASP.NET is compiled. This implies that since ASP uses VBScript; therefore, when an ASP page is executed, it is interpreted.On the other hand, ASP.NET uses .NET languages, such as C# and VB.NET, which are compiled to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL).   2.How can we identify that the Page

Use Mobile Phone as PC|Remote Mobile for PC | Phone App for Remote PC

How To Use Or Handle Computer From Mobile  Device :                  From your tablet or smartphone: Download VNC® Viewer on your iPad, iPhone or need to know how Android device to connect to your computer whenever you need to. Whether you need to access your computer when traveling, support friends or family, or access your files without making the journey to the office. VNC