Why Codekul

  • We are code blooded
  • We teach code in very simple way
  • We are industry experts with 8+ years of experience
  • Codelab is the only key to be the coder
  • We adopt coding trends agilely
  • We create most demanding coders
  • Recruiters hunt coders from us
  • We build startups

What We Do

Our Institute has defined global certification path for all software programming language.

One of the aims of our institute is to help potential programmers from all over the world to expand their programming skills and help them to gain recognition for their programming skill in software development industry.

Training Experience

  • We have trained 500+ candidates so far
  • Conducted 30+ corporate training's
  • Conducted 15 college seminars
  • 13 batches are running daily
  • 8 weekend batches are getting executed
  • One youtube channel for frequent code casts

Training Verticals

We conduct daily and weekend batches
We do provide in house corporate training for many technologies
Those who can't reach us, we reach to them by conducting online training
Workshop and Seminars
We conduct college or university workshops on latest technologies

Who We Are

‘Codekul – The Gurukul for Coders’ is recognized as the leading organization to offer C/C++ Certification, Java Certification, Android Certification, iOS certification program and other software technologies training. One of the primary goals of our institute is to set the good standard of skills as well as provide development opportunities for individuals who wish to pursue a career in software development.

Codekul brings together committed IT professionals, programming specialist, programming enthusiasts, education establishments, training organizations, assessment excellence and popularization of programming in all languages. We are supporting non­profit organization whose primary activity revolves around supporting initiative that promotes the ideas of building a modern, educated excellence and popularization of programming languages and digital society.